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Liebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo has counseled both public and private businesses on asset based borrowings and credit finance transactions. We provide our corporate borrower clients with organizational advice, while handling the negotiation, structuring and documentation of their commercial loan transactions.

Our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of the banking industry and the loan approval and closing process, which gives us a competitive advantage. We work negotiate with the lender’s counsel in a manner that best suits the client’s and the project’s needs. Our expertise allows us to efficiently closing loans while enriching our client’s business.

Liebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo has represented clients in a broad range of Asset Based Loan transactions, including:

• Art collectors in connection with multi-million dollar loans from large financial institutions secured by art collection assets
• A public company in a $300,000,000 revolving credit loan from a national bank secured by loan assets
• A window manufacturing company in connection with line of credit facilities from a regional bank secured by inventory and other business assets
• A dental and medical practice in connection with a business line of credit facilities