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No two families are alike. Fortunately, the attorney’s of Liebler Gonzalez & Portuondo are experts at traversing the emotional and technical challenges in litigating issues concerning probate and trust matters.

Whether a circumstance requires the filing of claims against an estate, negotiating a settlement, or litigating issues involving trusts or wills in court, LGP attorneys provide a full slate of services to achieve the desired results.

Our hands-on approach begins with an initial comprehensive review of the issues presented by the case and a follow-up consultation with the client to begin the development of a strategy to address the particular nuances of the case. We strive to keep our clients fully informed throughout all stages of litigation to ensure that the client not only understands the progress of the case, but is also a full participant in the process.

Our Probate/Trust Litigation practice includes:

  • Disputes between heirs, beneficiaries and personal representatives
  • Trust litigation
  • Claims against Estates
  • Defense and prosecution of claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, including but not limited to duties of loyalty, impartiality and accountability of trustees or personal representatives
  • Management and control over restricted accounts
  • Will contents, inclusive of challenges to capacity
  • Disputes concerning undue influence over execution of wills and trust agreements